Dave Lane ‘Biggun Spots’ Q & A

If you’re fishing for these identified large fish, do you actually sit of their identified seize swims, even when there are fish displaying elsewhere on the lake? Giant carp clearly have areas the place they spend loads of time and appear to solely get caught from these one or two spots, however do you suppose that they nonetheless journey across the lake however simply don’t feed in different areas?

It is vitally straightforward to fall into the lure of fishing as others have accomplished up to now; the truth is I do know I’ve accomplished this on a couple of event and typically suffered because of this.

For example, if a fish is reputed to have a liking for tiger nuts as an alternative of the same old boilie strategy then each angler on the lake will, at some stage, use tigers, even when it simply on one rod. Immediately you have got a situation whereby thirty, forty and even fifty p.c of the hook-baits on supply are tigers, and the probabilities of that fish getting caught on a tiger have simply gone by the roof.

If no one used tigers then it must get caught on one thing else, as a result of it could get caught, all of them do ultimately.

The identical state of affairs arises with areas because it does with bait, these highlighted areas from earlier captures are inclined to get extra consideration than the remainder of the lake, extra rod hours equals extra likelihood of a end result and extra likelihood of perpetuating the myths surrounding one specific carp.

Placing again the Burghfield Frequent after ‘doing all of it flawed’

The opposite method of taking a look at it’s that there’s a purpose and a fact behind the mythology, that one large carp actually does solely feed on the shallows, actually doesn’t like boilies or does solely will get caught on a full moon, however why?

Each carp should feed usually to remain alive and it might be argued that the larger fish want a larger quantity of meals to take care of their weight, so what occurs the remainder of the time, they feed elsewhere in fact and on different issues.

Actually, I consider carp will use virtually each a part of the lake, no matter the place it’s most frequently caught. Possibly, within the different areas it has common meals provide that doesn’t embody angler’s baits. There could also be pure larders that it at all times visits on these sojourns away from its catchable areas. There may be areas the place a carp will go usually with no intention of feeding in any respect, the truth is the massive Frequent at Burghfield appears to have considered one of these. It’s an space the place it has been seen so much however by no means seen to feed and definitely by no means on bait of any description, extra like a secure space, or sunbathing spot.

To suppose carp solely feeds within the spots the place it’s caught and on the occasions of 12 months of earlier captures is insanity.

If it was as straightforward as to forged below Basil’s bush on a full moon with a yellow pop-up then that exact fish would get caught as soon as a month, the swim can be booked prematurely, the poor creature wouldn’t solely be labelled a ‘mug’ however he would starve to dying over the following three and a half weeks.

There’s at all times extra to a state of affairs than it first seems, if not carp fishing can be merely carp catching, and as boring as hell.

A carp is a dwelling creature with free will and that is what makes our sport a lot extra attention-grabbing, difficult and finally rewarding than most different pursuits; the principles are continuously altering and nothing is completely not possible.

All details about a goal fish is nice data, it has been correlated over years by succesful anglers taking notes about their very own specific observations, and most of will probably be true and legitimate. I feel although, you want to add your personal observations into the combo quite than blindly comply with a script.

Once I caught the Burghfield Frequent it went in opposition to all of the preconceived concepts of the place and the way that fish would feed.

There was a folklore surrounding him that stated it could by no means get caught within the open water areas of the lake and it could at all times be a loner or feed with a small band of choose ‘associates’ however by no means with the majority of the fish.

The truth is the precise hearsay was that “if you’re catching carp then the following chunk won’t ever be the frequent”.

Properly, I had it from the open water space because the second chunk of a six fish catch so it’s a superb job that I ignored the legend on that exact event.

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Dave Lane ‘Biggun Spots’ Q & A

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