Through good times and bad.

“We met at work. We were both going through a divorce and started as friends who were leaning on each other during a difficult time.

We began dating about two and a half years ago but still took things very slowly. I think we were both terrified of being heartbroken again.

Then 8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer in my liver.

Through my diagnosis, surgery, and subsequent recovery, she never left my side. She hid her fear as best she could, but one day I caught her with a tear in her eye. When I asked her what was wrong, she looked at me and said “Nothing can happen to you, I can’t lose you.”

Never in my life had I felt so loved as I did in that moment. As I continue my recovery from surgery and start my “cancer free” life, I do so with a newfound appreciation for the beautiful woman I have beside me.

The picture on the right is of her holding my hand as I slept in a hospital bed. The picture on the left is our first night out a couple weeks ago.

Now I find I am the one who looks at her and says “Nothing can happen to you, I can’t lose you.”