The independent, career-driven woman.

“I met my wife almost 35 years ago in Kabul, Afghanistan. I was in my early 30s at the time and she was in her late 20s. It was rare back then for a man or woman to not be married by that age, especially in Afghanistan.

I was a General in the national army and she was a journalist for the city newspaper. That was also rare in those days- for a woman to have a bachelors degree and a successful career in journalism. But that was my wife.

She was different.

She couldn’t care less about marriage and being a house wife. She loved books, studying, learning, going to libraries, and working outside of the home. My brother worked for the same media outlet that she was a journalist at, and him and I have always been very similar, so he knew that Messrie was the perfect woman for me. One day he came home and told me there was a beautiful, intelligent, and kind woman that worked in his office and that I should meet her.

The next day I waited outside of her office for her to finish work and for my brother to point her out. He did. I looked at her and fell in love in that instant. She was the classiest woman I had ever seen. Her stockings, ankle length skirt, and blouse were a sign of an educated working woman. I walked up to her, told her that my brother was her colleague, and offered to drive her home. She was very shy. She quickly refused and ran to her bus.

I went home that evening and told my mother I found the woman I was going to marry. After that, I would wait for her outside of her office every day. From our brief moments together, I could tell that the feelings were mutual.

Once I knew that she felt the same way, I reached out to her father and we connected very well when I asked for her hand in marriage. He gave us his blessing and that was that. Messrie and I had been married for 28 years when she was diagnosed with Cancer.

She was the young age of 54. She didn’t have a gray hair on her head. Messrie was full of energy and was an active working woman until her last year of life on earth. We have 4 daughters. I love them more now than I ever thought possible.

Every time I look at them, I see their beautiful, intelligent, and kind mother shining through.”