How to be Elle Woods in real life.

“My whole life I wanted to be a lawyer. However, none of the guys I dated agreed with the time commitment.

I was cheated on while studying for the LSAT and subsequently dumped for a hooters girl during my first month of law school for not paying enough attention to my boyfriend at the time.

Then I met Louis, my Civil Procedure Teacher’s Assistant, top of his class, but seemed boring as hell. We barely spoke until the class ended. I figured he saw me as the cliché Elle Woods type, and he figured I saw him as your typical law school nerd.

When he texted me after grades came out to see how my first semester went, we ended up chatting until 3am the next morning. After a few days, we knew we had found something incredible.

Since meeting him, I’ve succeeded more than I could have ever imagined or hoped. He’ll never admit it himself, but he is a big reason why.

I didnt think it was possible to meet a man who wouldn’t make me apologize for my ambition.”